Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Intimate Event} Julia's Shabby Chic Dedication & Birthday Party

Intimate celebrations have a fluffy-cotton-candy-effect on me... I get extremely excited every time I am invited to attend celebrations meant for close family and friends. Small parties with a BIG heart, that’s how I see it.

When one of my closest buddies, Leah, asked me to be a god-mother to her bundle of joy, Julia Lauren, I was completely honored and happy. Leah requested my assistance in preparing for Julia’s Dedication and 1st Birthday party. I was so thrilled of course! And to my delight, her theme was a personal favorite, shabby chic!

I was thrilled to be in charge of the dessert table! I decorated it with fabric-covered letters and hand-stitched mini buntings that were intricately made with LOVE =)

Raquel baked apple squares, a tasty recipe from her mommy =)

Leah entrusted me to work on the party favors. With the theme in mind, I came up with these pretty pastel-colored hankies.

She wanted to give cupcakes as tokens to Julia’s godparents. I’ve spent sleepless nights thinking of how to make these yummies even more special… Thanks to Google, I found cupcakes in a jar!!! My craft zizters and I collaborated on this scrumptious project. Geli baked red velvet bars with cream cheese frosting and Ella made handwritten tags. They had been so enthusiastic with working with me on this project! Together we came up with this. =) Isn’t it so delectable-looking! It really is a sweet treat! Merci beaucoup gurlz!!!

It took me more or less a hundred hours to conceptualize, source, collaborate, and make by hand these pretty little things. I’m a very tired girl with a very happy heart!

{all photos are from Hello Gelibee's lens}

Friday, July 6, 2012

{DIY Love} Washi Tape Dessert Pennants

Sweets are heaven sent! No matter how a toxic one gets, sugar will soothe a weary heart =) For this reason, wedding dessert tables excite me and my appetite every single time. Here's a tutorial that involves dessert treats and washi tapes from Hey Kessy.

Gather these lovelies:
- Washi tapes
- Toothpicks
- BBQ sticks
- Scissor

Step 1: Cut 3 inches off the washi tape.

Step 2: Align and stick the toothpick/BBQ stick on the middle.

Step 3: Fold carefully.

Step 4: Cut a triangle on the other end of the folded tape.

In four easy steps, you can spruce up your dessert table with this budget-friendly craft-wonder!

Your sugar-coated goodies will not only be yummy to the tummy but will also be a sure hit eye candy!!!

 Go ahead and craft!!! Let me know how your craft adventure turned out =)