Saturday, August 18, 2012

Of Yarns and Papers

Paulo Coelho truly captured my heart's sentiment, "And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." His book, The Alchemist, continuously speaks of how “It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”. When I first read this book, it made me question what my quest in life is. What is it that I am passionate about - so passionate that I will pursue it until my hands are wrinkled and my hair all gray? What does my heart desire? Aside from building a loving family with Cuppycake and pursuing a corporate career which I excel at, what cause/work should I do that will make me proud and will bring joy to others? How can I glorify God? These questions have been in my mind for the longest time and answers did not come easy. It has troubled my nights and questioned my heart. Others may have discovered their passion in life earlier on. For singers, dancers, actors, artists, etc., realization of their deep passion for their talents may have dawned on them while they were still young and so they persevered to build their careers and enhance their crafts. But this is not true in my case.

It was during the preparation of our wedding that I rediscovered the joy in crafting and how wonderful it felt creating handmade things. From then on, I’ve been actively helping out friends in making personalized details for their weddings, bridal showers and parties. Knowing that they appreciate my labor of love feels like I’m floating on air while my soul dances with glee. And slowly it sank to me… Crafting is my passion! And I want to share it to those whose hearts are open to accept them.
My journey to pursue crafting was not light and easy but God has been great and keeps on inspiring me to move forward. There are obstacles along the way but He has never left my side. God is constantly whispering to me, “Go and chase your dream!” It is true that if we trust and remain faithful to Him, He will continuously bless us with opportunities. It is up to us whether or not we will seize and embrace them.
With much love and excitement, I’m very happy to share that my first ever client for 2013 confirmed!!! Thank you Dani and Paolo for trusting me and letting my labor of love be a part of your wedding. I am certain that God will use my hands as instruments to create beautiful things for you.

To my partner in crime, my quirky and beloved husband, Cuppycake, your creative direction, unending patience, and support you lovingly give me helped Candidly Pretty bloom =) Thank you so much!!!
Cheers to crafting! Cheers to life! Cheers to love!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

{DIY Love} Library Card Save the Date

Brian and Angie are good friends of Mr. Cuppycake and mine, they are getting married this October 20! My craft zizters: Ella, Nian, Geli and I had been brainstorming with the bride for crafting handmade details in their reception. And it really has worked up our excitement. One day, as I was day dreaming of crafts and all things handmade, an idea struck me: I wanted to make a Library Card Save the Date inspired by this uber sweet couple =) 

All the materials you'll be needing for this project are easy to find. I bought my supplies at the nearest National Bookstore in my area (except for the old scrabble tiles which we have at home).

- coffee-stained library cards
- kraft envelopes
- Scrabble tiles
- Dymo label machine 
- Glue
- Scissors

Step 1: You have a couple of options here. You can either:
            - Write the couple's names and wedding date onto the library card by hand.
            - Use your PC and print.
            - Or if you have a working typewriter like this Remington model, type away, the old-school way!

Step 2: Using an all-purpose glue, adhere the Scrabble tiles onto the card. Use tiles to spell out other words such as: xoxo, hugs, kiss, amor, etc.

Step 3: Emboss "Save the Date" using a Dymo label machine. Cut to your desired length.
Yes, this is still distributed at bookstores! This nifty tool brings a lot of childhood memories. hahaha I wonder if the younger generation still knows what this handy-dandy machine can do?! What's your favorite Dymo memory? Let's hear it please =)

Step 4: Stick the label onto the kraft envelope.

There it is my bride friends, an affordable and unique Save the Date! I hope that this tutorial was helpful and inspired you to craft some love today =) Ciao!