Tuesday, September 10, 2013

{Craft Workshop} The DIY Bride


"Mini-dreams" abound in my bucket list. Though my list is long and seems a tad impossible at times, I am devoted in the challenge of making them come true. Hosting The DIY Bride Workshop was one of them. Having marked this item DONE as the first workshop was held last May 25, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I really enjoyed teaching and sharing what I love with like-minded persons and those yearning to learn.

I am so thrilled to let you know that I will be hosting the second leg of The DIY Bride!!! Again, I will be mentoring brides (non-brides are very much welcome as well) how to make various types of alternative flowers made of fabric, yarn and paper. I'll be sharing tips and techniques to create your own bouquets, boutonnieres, garters, headbands, decor and a lot more!

Each participant will receive a flower-making kit (includes fabrics, yarns, printed papers, elastic laces, garterized bands, hard headband,  rhinestones, embellishments, floral wire and tape) and a handpainted canvass bag from my crafter friend, Ella, who also hand-drawn this pretty poster. :)

Lovely sponsors will be sharing goodies as well! Participants will also receive craft supplies from Bee Happy Crafts and truffles from The Truffle Tree.

Light snacks will be served! To register, please email me at candidlypretty@yahoo.com or send a text message at 0905-2212141. I'll be accepting 7 participants only.

Hope to see you ladies! :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

{Intimate Event} Christian and Angela

Christian and Angela's wedding week was one filled with cloudbursts. Looking at weather forecasts, chance of rain was very high. Though I associate rain with gloom, I see it as God's love being showered on earth. I have nothing against precious water falling from heaven just that Christian and Angela's wedding flowers were made from paper!

Despite experiencing thunderstorms from Monday to Saturday, it was a miracle that the sun was shining brightly on Sunday, their wedding day. It was a big relief. Thank you Father for giving us sunshine, the gift of family and friends, and letting us enjoy these paper flowers!

Here are some of my paper-folded lovelies. Kudusama bouquet for the female entourage:

Chest corsage for the female principal sponsors:

Key to your Heart boutonnieres for the male entourage:

Me and Mr. Esteban being secondary sponsors to the couple, it was my pleasure and gave me joy to be a part of this beautiful union. Congratulations to Christian and Angela! Cheers to love and life! :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{DIY Love} Yarn-covered Wooden Utensils

Hi loves!!! :) It's been ages since I posted a tutorial on the blog. I had been very busy with craft misadventures and got a bit lost (intentionally) in daydreaming. Well, I'm back and will try to make it up to you ladies by sharing this pretty table setting idea.

I swoon over lovely florals and pretty pastels but I'm also a huge fan of bright colors, bold prints and patterns. I've been chevron-crazy lately and when I started working on these turquoise chevron placemats, I just can't help but want to splash more colors! Enter one of my favorite craft materials, yarns!!!

Hope you're hands are ready to craft!

- wooden spoon and fork
- yarn/s
- scissors
- glue gun

Step 1: Put a little bit of hot glue on the back side of the wooden spoon.

Step 2: Start covering the wooden spoon with yarn.

Step 3: Once you've covered your desired length, secure the yarn by putting hot glue.

In 3 easy steps, you will be able to create an inexpensive decor and necessity for your tablescape!!!

Go ahead and experiment using more than one hue, create an ombre, play with a rainbow of colors. :) I'd love to see how you're project went. Ciao for now! :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The DIY Bride Workshop

I've completed one item in my bucket list! Hooray for taking chances and following ones' heart!!! Last May 25, I conducted The DIY Bride workshop at my favorite craft store, Lasting Impression. With an excitement I can't contain, I met happy and wonderful ladies who were eager to learn crafts. Everybody greeted everyone with a friendly smile.

We started the workshop by making lace headbands for flower girls and/or entourage.

Craft lesson #1: Be in the zone and always get your game face on.

Next project was to make your own wedding garter.

Craft lesson # 2: Always be careful when sewing, use a thimble if possible.

Yarn pompom was next. The colors are soooo pretty! The pop of different hues gave us even more inspiration. :)

Craft lesson #3: Don't overlook simple materials. It is from simple things that beauty grows.

This is me doing yarn pompoms arrangement ala Candidly Pretty. And oh yes, I'm proud to wear the headband I made!

Perhaps this is the most tedious of all the crafts we did - the kudusama flower.

Craft lesson #4: Paper is pretty. Paper is lovely but it can cut, oooh that's an ouchie!

These is us all giggly! Funny how I can still hear our chuckles just by looking at this photo.

It was a very productive day. Thank you ladies for sharing your precious time. I hope that what you learned will inspire you to make and create.

Gratitude to the Lord for giving me the courage to take chances,  trust my instincts, and follow my heart. None of this will be possible if not for the love and support of my husband. Thank you Mr. Esteban! And as always, the photos you took are beautiful. Cheers to my friends, Ella for hand-painting the poster and participants' canvass bags and Geli for the yummy Red Velvet cupcakes!!!

Until the next workshop! :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

{Craft Workshop} The DIY Bride

Have you ever spent sleepless nights because of excessive excitement your heart feels like jumping out of your body to strut a silly dance and run like crazy?!? This pretty much describes my nocturnal activities lately.

Today, I can finally holler with exhilaration and share with you what has been keeping me up late at night - I'll be hosting another workshop on DIY crafts!!! This time I'll be focusing on crafts that will be helpful to brides who'd like to personalize details in their weddings. I will be teaching fabric, yarn and paper flowers and  will be sharing tips and techniques to create your own bouquet, boutonniere, wedding garter, headbands/headpieces, decor and a lot more!

Participants will be given a kit that includes fabrics, yarns, printed papers, elastic laces, garterized bands, rhinestones and embellishments so you can start working on your DIY projects. Limited slots are available! Please email candidlypretty@yahoo.com or text 0905-2212141 for more details.

Hope to see you there!

Pretty poster hand-drawn by Ella of 365.4. Thank you so much ziz! =)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

{Tips and Tools} Lasting Impression


 A toy store is to a child as Lasting Impression is for me. It was 2011 when I first discovered this wonderful craft supplies haven. I stumbled upon their online store and excitement kept shooting up! I know that the only way to calm down was to visit and experience this wonderland situated in Little Baguio, San Juan. It didn't take long before I found myself  walking along its corridors. With my pupils dilated and shortness of breath just around the corner, it was a challenge looking through rows and rows of craft stash without wanting to take them all home!

If you are craft-crazy like I am, Lasting Impression will be your new fave place! Take a look of some of the things they offer =)
brads and buttons
glitter glue, embossing inks, and craft paints

Tim Holtz die cut templates

Martha Stewart paper punchers

EK Tools edge punchers
Washi tapes

Rubber stamps

Ink pads

scrapbook papers
I can't wait until my next visit! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

{Craft Workshop} Paper Pretties at Trade School Manila

 Adrenaline rushed all over my nervous self as I greeted students last April 13 at the Trade School Manila. Though butterflies were fluttering inside my belly, meeting eager students and craft friends gave me a much needed calmness to smile and teach. The goal for the day was to share tips and techniques on how to make Japanese paper pompoms and paper buntings. Everybody was very warm, friendly and excited. We wasted no time and started to create handmade paper pretties.

It was a joy spending time with people who share the same passion as I do. Teaching what I love doing was like a walk in the clouds. I hope that they learned a lot and enjoyed learning as much I enjoyed teaching!

All my love to Trade School Manila for sharing this wonderful learning community, all the participants who shared their time with us and to my ever supportive husband, JM! Thank you for holding my hand all the time. :)