Friday, July 6, 2012

{DIY Love} Washi Tape Dessert Pennants

Sweets are heaven sent! No matter how a toxic one gets, sugar will soothe a weary heart =) For this reason, wedding dessert tables excite me and my appetite every single time. Here's a tutorial that involves dessert treats and washi tapes from Hey Kessy.

Gather these lovelies:
- Washi tapes
- Toothpicks
- BBQ sticks
- Scissor

Step 1: Cut 3 inches off the washi tape.

Step 2: Align and stick the toothpick/BBQ stick on the middle.

Step 3: Fold carefully.

Step 4: Cut a triangle on the other end of the folded tape.

In four easy steps, you can spruce up your dessert table with this budget-friendly craft-wonder!

Your sugar-coated goodies will not only be yummy to the tummy but will also be a sure hit eye candy!!!

 Go ahead and craft!!! Let me know how your craft adventure turned out =)


  1. Tempted to throw a tea party just so I could do this! :p

    Nice photos!

  2. Can't help eat the desserts while doing the shoot! Good thing my husband was there to stop me.. :)

  3. Where to get these washi tapes? They are ♥