Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Clocks and Contradictions


I am never the type to post selfies on my social media profiles but I enjoy posting my handmade musings online. I can sometimes be quiet and not give my thoughts but I wear my heart on my sleeves in sharing my life's adventures and misadventures. I can be timid and extremely shy but when I'm in the groove, I become quite the opposite. Just like what you'll see in this clip. Yep, that is me all excited and giddy. :)

I hope that you'll enjoy this video segment I did for GMA News TV's Good Vibes.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

{Craft Workshop} Craft Tambay Part 2

Our first ever Craft Tambay was a lot of fun! I met new friends of different ages and had a blast sharing my craft expertise. I saw how people who are eager to learn new things, regardless of their current abilities, will learn a lot and will enjoy every minute of the process.  It was a very exciting and fruitful session indeed.

With eager hearts, my friends and I are back and will be hosting another Craft Tambay! This time we will be teaching 4 crafts in 2 different venues.  Learn paper flower making, decoupage, brush calligraphy, and lettering.

I hope that you can share a fun-filled afternoon with Cathy, Ella, Geli, and me. Let’s Craft Tambay!

To sign up, you may email me at or fill up this form.

See you there! :)