Tuesday, September 23, 2014

{Craft Workshop} Craft Tambay Part 2

Our first ever Craft Tambay was a lot of fun! I met new friends of different ages and had a blast sharing my craft expertise. I saw how people who are eager to learn new things, regardless of their current abilities, will learn a lot and will enjoy every minute of the process.  It was a very exciting and fruitful session indeed.

With eager hearts, my friends and I are back and will be hosting another Craft Tambay! This time we will be teaching 4 crafts in 2 different venues.  Learn paper flower making, decoupage, brush calligraphy, and lettering.

I hope that you can share a fun-filled afternoon with Cathy, Ella, Geli, and me. Let’s Craft Tambay!

To sign up, you may email me at candidlypretty@yahoo.com or fill up this form.

See you there! :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The DIY Bride Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, at a quaint tea shop on Maginhawa Street, 10 girls met, made pretty things by hand, had fun, and drank yummy milk tea. :) This aptly summarizes The DIY Bride Workshop last June 21.

The workshop started early. It was a warm and sunny Saturday morning, a perfect time to mingle and learn a thing or two about arts and crafts. As always, everybody was very friendly, giggly, and excited. After all, not only was the workshop intended to teach handmade wedding details, it was also a venue to meet acquaintances and make new friends.

Each participant received a kit filled with craft materials such as pretty cotton fabrics, lace fabrics, garterized and hard headbands, alligator clips, brooch pins, covered buttons, rhinestones and embellishments, scrapbook papers, and a lot more.

It was indeed a busy morning. Everyone was enthusiastic to try and make as I teach them techniques I learned over the years. The girls made 3 different styles of fabric flowers and a paper flower. I showed them the basics of making headbands, boutonnieres, bouquets, wedding garters, and corsages. To encourage them more to make and create, I also shared tips on preparing a DIY wedding and where to source craft materials.

It was a surprise that 8 of these lovely ladies came from the south, as far as Cavite, Batangas and Mindoro! You don't know how happy and touched I am that you traveled far and shared your precious time. It was such an honor to be your teacher. :)

To Sam, Hannah, Ahzel, Yela, Prim, Charie, Vine, Jen, and Boni, it was a pleasure crafting with you!

Until we see again, all the best! :)

Much love,


Gratitude to the talented Ella Lama, for our pretty poster and for giving our participants a 10% discount on customized wedding invitation suite, to Tea Please, our venue partner.

I never would have done this without the love and support of my better half, thank you Mr. Esteban! Of course, to the Almighty Father for always letting the universe conspire to help us achieve our dreams. :)