Thursday, August 2, 2012

{DIY Love} Library Card Save the Date

Brian and Angie are good friends of Mr. Cuppycake and mine, they are getting married this October 20! My craft zizters: Ella, Nian, Geli and I had been brainstorming with the bride for crafting handmade details in their reception. And it really has worked up our excitement. One day, as I was day dreaming of crafts and all things handmade, an idea struck me: I wanted to make a Library Card Save the Date inspired by this uber sweet couple =) 

All the materials you'll be needing for this project are easy to find. I bought my supplies at the nearest National Bookstore in my area (except for the old scrabble tiles which we have at home).

- coffee-stained library cards
- kraft envelopes
- Scrabble tiles
- Dymo label machine 
- Glue
- Scissors

Step 1: You have a couple of options here. You can either:
            - Write the couple's names and wedding date onto the library card by hand.
            - Use your PC and print.
            - Or if you have a working typewriter like this Remington model, type away, the old-school way!

Step 2: Using an all-purpose glue, adhere the Scrabble tiles onto the card. Use tiles to spell out other words such as: xoxo, hugs, kiss, amor, etc.

Step 3: Emboss "Save the Date" using a Dymo label machine. Cut to your desired length.
Yes, this is still distributed at bookstores! This nifty tool brings a lot of childhood memories. hahaha I wonder if the younger generation still knows what this handy-dandy machine can do?! What's your favorite Dymo memory? Let's hear it please =)

Step 4: Stick the label onto the kraft envelope.

There it is my bride friends, an affordable and unique Save the Date! I hope that this tutorial was helpful and inspired you to craft some love today =) Ciao!


  1. Really nice tutorial! I love the typewriter! :)

  2. koni friendship!!!!! :) love this idea groupmate!!! :) hugs.

    1. Hi groupmate!!! =) Thank you! Namiss ko bigla ang group natin hihi

  3. Oh my glob! Yes so many memories on the dymo label makers :3 sadly my dymo is now broken :( can i know how much the dymo costs in national bookstore? :D