Friday, September 7, 2012

{Shop DIY} Hand-stamped Favor Bags

I always have been an eager Etsy buyer and wannabe seller. It's a great venue in finding creative people and unique crafts. I've been surfing every nook and cranny on the look out of unique handmade items and craft supplies that are not available in Manila. And my oh my, have I found a LOT!!! It's kinda weird that I save money to buy these when my friends would be busy shopping for clothes, bags and shoes. Well, I am an addict in need to be relieved of my craft obsession... (wink)

Etsy is my happy place but shopping is teeny tiny bit expensive because aside from the item cost, you need to pay for shipping which is heavy on the pocket. I recently had a eureka moment when I thought and decided to bring some crafts available here in the Philippines =)

Brides and grooms will definitely find a lot of handmade items in Etsy they can use and enjoy on their wedding - buntings, photo props, cake toppers, craft supplies, and the list goes on and on. Let me share to you today my hand-stamped paper pouches that are perfect as favors bags for candy buffets and dessert stations. Aren't they pretty? =)

Colors that are currently available are black, sepia and red. More designs and colors will be offered in my shop soon! 


  1. Yes Koni! They're so pretty! Looks classy and elegant! Great collection!

    1. Thanks groupmate =) This is a sweet and personalized detail to candy buffets and desserts stations.