Thursday, January 3, 2013

Crazy Love December

There are so many reasons why I hold December so dear in my heart. To me, December is synonymous to festive and joyous celebrations. It is the month when family and friends take time off their busy schedule to catch up with stories of cheer and misadventures. But most importantly, December is when we celebrate our Lord Jesus' birth - the most special gift God ever blessed us with. =)

December is a time to count all my blessings from heaven. And this year I had been blessed with so many wonderful surprises and opportunities. Aside from loving family and friends, God has opened doors and windows for me to start my crafting biz. This month has been filled with craft challenges and projects that almost made me faint with aching hands and a very happy heart!

Here's a sneak peek of my recent craft adventures =)

paper rosettes photo booth backdrop

kudasama bouquet

How did you spend your Christmas? =) Hope you had a great holiday!

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