Thursday, July 18, 2013

The DIY Bride Workshop

I've completed one item in my bucket list! Hooray for taking chances and following ones' heart!!! Last May 25, I conducted The DIY Bride workshop at my favorite craft store, Lasting Impression. With an excitement I can't contain, I met happy and wonderful ladies who were eager to learn crafts. Everybody greeted everyone with a friendly smile.

We started the workshop by making lace headbands for flower girls and/or entourage.

Craft lesson #1: Be in the zone and always get your game face on.

Next project was to make your own wedding garter.

Craft lesson # 2: Always be careful when sewing, use a thimble if possible.

Yarn pompom was next. The colors are soooo pretty! The pop of different hues gave us even more inspiration. :)

Craft lesson #3: Don't overlook simple materials. It is from simple things that beauty grows.

This is me doing yarn pompoms arrangement ala Candidly Pretty. And oh yes, I'm proud to wear the headband I made!

Perhaps this is the most tedious of all the crafts we did - the kudusama flower.

Craft lesson #4: Paper is pretty. Paper is lovely but it can cut, oooh that's an ouchie!

These is us all giggly! Funny how I can still hear our chuckles just by looking at this photo.

It was a very productive day. Thank you ladies for sharing your precious time. I hope that what you learned will inspire you to make and create.

Gratitude to the Lord for giving me the courage to take chances,  trust my instincts, and follow my heart. None of this will be possible if not for the love and support of my husband. Thank you Mr. Esteban! And as always, the photos you took are beautiful. Cheers to my friends, Ella for hand-painting the poster and participants' canvass bags and Geli for the yummy Red Velvet cupcakes!!!

Until the next workshop! :)


  1. I had lots of fun Koni! Thank you for the inspiration. :)

    More workshops to come!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your time KM! :)