Thursday, November 29, 2012

{Intimate Event} Dondon & Cat

Cat and I spent a brief time working together at Sales and Marketing of the New World Makati City Manila Hotel. My good friends are good friends of hers too so when she asked my help to craft a fabric floral bouquet for her wedding in Boracay, how can I say no?! Yes! I’m up to the challenge – Koni reporting for duty!

Crafting these dainties was not a stroll in the park. It took me an entire week to design, manually die cut and sew the separate pieces together. All my exhaustion melted away when I saw Cat's smile =) Knowing that she appreciated what I created especially for her, made my excited heart skip a beat.

My gratitude to God for blessing my hands once again to craft what in my eyes are beautiful. Thank you Dondon and Cat for letting me share a piece of my heart to your special day. Congratulations!!! 
Photography: Rock Paper Scissors

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  1. Hi Koni. How much do you charge for making this fabric floral bouquet as well as the paper rosettes photo booth backdrop? thanks. hope to hear from you.