Monday, March 18, 2013

It's official!!!

From the moment Candidly Pretty was born, it has been my dream to become its full-time Craft Specialist. I have spent far too many days dreaming about this - it felt good, it felt right. However, when I wake up and I'm back to reality, the thought of leaving my comfort zone scared me so much. Being an employee has been my way of life for many years. Working for someone else is comfortable and rewarding. It has given me so much and I am very thankful. But since I found my passion in crafting handmade events, it opened my eyes to the possibility of working for myself and developing my own brand and business. This eureka moment felt so liberating but so frightening at the same time.

As inspired and as hopeful as I am, negative thoughts never leave my side. So many questions keep popping in my head. What if I fail? What if I make a lot of mistakes? Will this be a waste of time? But when I'm feeling low, God always asks me one question that is enough to make me feel stronger than before. What if you succeed? Failing and making mistakes are part of our everyday lives. It's part of a process that helps us grow and become better persons. It is through our hardships that we learn. So why should I let my fear get in the way of the possibility of achieving my goal and fulfilling my dream?

Yes, I am scared as I start to journey a new and uncharted territory. But I will let my fear inspire me to push forward and discover more beautiful things life has to offer. And as I go, I will pray to God that He will give me a clear vision and undivided heart to finish what I've started and reach my dreams.

It's official, I am a full time Craft Specialist!!! Feels so great to say that!


  1. omg, did you just resign from work? congrats!! how many years were you working? how many years have you been doing crafts? :) grabe, ang sakto ng post mo. i was just discussing quitting my work with a friend. i know how you feel! good luck! :)

    1. Hi Clars! I've been working for 8 years. I've always loved crocheting and sewing since I was a child but it was only recent that I realized that my passion for crafts can be a full-time job. Thank you for visiting my little piece of online haven =)

  2. I'm so proud of you and I fully support you ziz :)