Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{Intimate Event} Mon & Jho

Meeting Mon and Jho for the first time was like catching up with old friends. Over cheese rolls and sangria, the couple shared how important music is to their lives. Mon loves playing musical instruments and Jho's voice is that of an angel's. It was important that their boutonnieres and corsages are music-inspired. With that in mind, I happily wore my crafting hat and gathered materials to create these :)

It was a joy working with these love birds. Congratulations Mon and Jho! May the Lord continue to fill your lives with blessings and happiness.

Cheers to creating more symphonies of love!


  1. i love this~ where did you buy the musical staff (g clef) ?

  2. Hi Cyrelle, I mostly buy them at Divisoria. :)