Thursday, August 1, 2013

{Intimate Event} Christian and Angela

Christian and Angela's wedding week was one filled with cloudbursts. Looking at weather forecasts, chance of rain was very high. Though I associate rain with gloom, I see it as God's love being showered on earth. I have nothing against precious water falling from heaven just that Christian and Angela's wedding flowers were made from paper!

Despite experiencing thunderstorms from Monday to Saturday, it was a miracle that the sun was shining brightly on Sunday, their wedding day. It was a big relief. Thank you Father for giving us sunshine, the gift of family and friends, and letting us enjoy these paper flowers!

Here are some of my paper-folded lovelies. Kudusama bouquet for the female entourage:

Chest corsage for the female principal sponsors:

Key to your Heart boutonnieres for the male entourage:

Me and Mr. Esteban being secondary sponsors to the couple, it was my pleasure and gave me joy to be a part of this beautiful union. Congratulations to Christian and Angela! Cheers to love and life! :)

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