Tuesday, September 10, 2013

{Craft Workshop} The DIY Bride


"Mini-dreams" abound in my bucket list. Though my list is long and seems a tad impossible at times, I am devoted in the challenge of making them come true. Hosting The DIY Bride Workshop was one of them. Having marked this item DONE as the first workshop was held last May 25, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I really enjoyed teaching and sharing what I love with like-minded persons and those yearning to learn.

I am so thrilled to let you know that I will be hosting the second leg of The DIY Bride!!! Again, I will be mentoring brides (non-brides are very much welcome as well) how to make various types of alternative flowers made of fabric, yarn and paper. I'll be sharing tips and techniques to create your own bouquets, boutonnieres, garters, headbands, decor and a lot more!

Each participant will receive a flower-making kit (includes fabrics, yarns, printed papers, elastic laces, garterized bands, hard headband,  rhinestones, embellishments, floral wire and tape) and a handpainted canvass bag from my crafter friend, Ella, who also hand-drawn this pretty poster. :)

Lovely sponsors will be sharing goodies as well! Participants will also receive craft supplies from Bee Happy Crafts and truffles from The Truffle Tree.

Light snacks will be served! To register, please email me at candidlypretty@yahoo.com or send a text message at 0905-2212141. I'll be accepting 7 participants only.

Hope to see you ladies! :)

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